I’ve Caught Spring Fever!

Can you feel it… the urge to embrace the bright, the fresh and the wild after a winter stuck indoors? Well, take me to the Dr. ’cause I do! I’ve been spring cleaning (I might have scrubbed every-square-inch of my deck last week), organizing papers for taxes and whipping up jars of raspberry jam – fully embracing SPRING.

Coming from a girl whose favorite color is white, I’ve found myself drawn to two palettes lately and thought I’d share my current design inspirations/obsessions. Happy creating!

P.S. What are you feeling inspired by lately? Tell me below in the comments section. Can’t wait to hear your answers.

design-inspiration_mint SOURCES: 1. Waterscape Vases, 2. Abstract Painting, 3. Emily Henderson: Curbly Livingroom, 4. Regret Nothing Print, 5. Minty Homes and Wheels

design-inspiration_citrus SOURCES: 1. Citrus Gold, 2. Fresh Flowers, 3. Vaux, 4. Dinner Party Table, 5. Pim’s Cup Cocktail